Our fencing products are the result of a long history.
Strong technical expertise on the high natural fiber gained in the underwear Linea Dori, we have developed a line of clothing for fencer with unique characteristics on the market.
The target was to respond to the needs of fencers to wear garments that would prevent their discomfort:
bad smell tied intense sports activity;
• stagnation of sweat and moisture on the skin;
excessive body heat resulting in an intense effort.
The first tests with natural fibers - bamboo viscose, bamboo, nettle - and technical fibers - carbon and cotton+silver - have found that  the cotton mixed with silver is the ideal solution to meet the needs highlighted by fencers.
Indeed, the cotton compounded with silver fiber guarantees:
permanent anti-odor properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi;
high breathability;
• the homogeneous distribution of body heat.
We involved a large number of athletes of different ages and from different disciplines. After they confirmed the excellent performance of the underwear not only for fencing but also for other disciplines.
The products for fencers AG+ were subjected to three laboratory tests internationally recognized:
• method UNI EN ISO 20743: 2007: The test demonstrated that the cotton in the compound with the silver with which they are made products AG + inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi;
• method UNI EN ISO 20645: 2007: The test showed that there is no danger to the wearer, because the silver release from the tissue is nil;
• method ISO 11092: 2014: The test showed that the fabric they are made of the AG + product has excellent thermo physiological properties.
The combined results of Alfa Test, Beta Test and laboratory tests have thus demonstrated the excellent performance of AG+ products in all indoor sports, thanks to the following characteristics of the tissue in which they are made:
It prevents the formation and proliferation of fungal substances. After each wash, the antibacterial power of the fiber increases. The analysis UNI EN ISO of antibacterial effect is performed on each lot of products.
Effectively counteracts the causes that contribute to the formation of bad smell.
Disperses the electric charges from rubbing.
It insulates against heat and cold, activating based on the outside temperature.
It does not cause allergic reactions or other side effects.