We start the produce the carbon products in 2003 after thirty-year experience of Ivano Guerinoni gained first in the yarns and fabrics and then in the composites industry.
The goal is to provide the customer with the assistance necessary to transform a high quality product in a costumized high quality product!
That's why, in Carbon Sport, we use a technical department that contributes to the design and industrialization of the article and then the design of the equipment needed for the construction.
The internal workshop makes the molds according to the requirements of the molding department where, with the most suitable technology, is formed by the one that until then was only an idea.
The use of carbon fiber and glass fiber, of kevlar, the Vectram and other tissues, combined with the autoclave molding allows to obtain extremely high quality products.
We also have milling tools 3 and 5 axes for the machining of the molded parts.
Carbon Sport, after a few years, can already boast important collaborations with the leading sport companies.