The company, idea of Michele Fontana, makes bags, backpacks, ski-straps, ski bags, even made-to-measure. From a man who has dedicated his life to skiing could not have done anything other than a perfect product, suited to the needs of skiers.
Capacities and resistant materials are the starting point. Then the graphics and the possibilities of personalization have completed these real works of art. Today Gekkko is also an official supplier of shops, ski schools, ski clubs and companies in the sector. It is right for a person who works with passion to succeed.
In addition, the products are made in Italy with considerable savings on time and delivery costs. The products are developed in collaboration with professionals in the sector, who test them during the course of their work, so as to proceed with the development of the products at their best, and the search for new materials and innovative solutions.
Mike and Raffa do not stop and promise to leave shortly with ski wear, with new technology, all made and produced in Italy